• Ctrl++ Increase Font Size
  • Ctrl+- Decrease Font Size
  • Ctrl+0 Return to Default
  • Ctrl+Shift+H Hide/Show the Sidebar
  • Ctrl+Alt+P Live Preview
  • Ctrl+Shift+C Live Preview Highlight
  • From menu Turn Line Numbers on/off
  • From menu Turn Word Wrap on/off
Writing/Editing Code(编写)
  • Ctrl+X Delete/Cut line/selection
  • Ctrl+D Duplicate line/selection
  • Ctrl+C Copy line/selection
  • Ctrl+V Paste line/selection
  • Ctrl+/ Single line comment
  • Ctrl+Shift+/ Block comment
  • Ctrl+Enter Add a new line after the current line
  • Ctrl+Shift+Enter Add a new line before the current line
Cursor Placement(光标位置)
  •  Move to the left
  •  Move to the right
  •  Move up one line
  •  Move down one line
  • Ctrl+→ Move to next word
  • Ctrl+← Move to previous word
  • Alt+→ Move to the end of line
  • Alt+← Move to the beginning of the line
  • Ctrl+Home Move to the beginning of file
  • Ctrl+End Move to the end of file
  • Ctrl+↑ Scroll up
  • Ctrl+↓ Scroll down
Selecting Code(代码选取)
  • Ctrl+L Select the current line
  • Ctrl+B Select the current word
  • Ctrl+A Select all the text
  • Shift+→ Select the next character
  • Shift+← Select the previous character
  • Shift+↑ Select the previous line
  • Shift+↓ Select the next line
  • Shift+Alt+→ Select next word
  • Shift+Alt+← Select previous word
  • Shift+Cmd+→ Select to the end of line
  • Shift+Cmd+← Select to the beginning of line
  • Shift+Cmd+Home Select to the beginning of file
  • Shift+Cmd+End Select to the end of file
Moving Code(代码移动)
  • Ctrl+Shift+↑ Move current line/selection up
  • Ctrl+Shift+↓ Move current line/selection down
  • Ctrl+] Indent Right
  • Ctrl+[ Indent Left
  • Tab Indent Right (when lines are selected)
  • Shift+Tab Indent Left
Quick Edit(快速编辑)
  • Ctrl+E Open/Close Quick Edit
  • Alt+↓ Go to next rule in list
  • Alt+↑ Go to previous rule in list
  • Esc Close Quick Edit
  • Ctrl+N Create a New Rule
Find & Replace(查找与替换)
  • Ctrl+F Find
  • F3 Find Next
  • Shift+F3 Find Previous
  • Ctrl+Shift+F Find in Files
  • Ctrl+H Replace
  • Ctrl+Shift+H Replace in Files
Multiple Cursors(多点选取)
  • Ctrl+B Add next match to your selection
  • Ctrl+Shift+B Skip and add next match
  • Ctrl+U Undo last selection change
  • Ctrl+Shift+U Redo last selection change
  • Alt+F3 Find all and select
  • Ctrl+Click Add to your selection
  • Alt+Click+Drag Select a column
  • Alt+Shift+↑ Add Cursor to Previous Line
  • Alt+Shift+↓ Add Cursor to Next Line
  • Ctrl+Alt+L Split Selection Into Lines
  • Esc Switch to a Single Selection
Navigation (Go To)(引导)
  • Ctrl+E Quick Edit
  • Ctrl+J Jump to Definition
  • Ctrl+Shift+O Quick Open
  • Ctrl+T Go to Definition
  • Ctrl+G Go to Line
  • Ctrl+K Quick Docs